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Who is this Richie G person anyway?
Image: Neil Goridge

Who I am

My name is Richard Graham, I am a third year Radio student at Bournemouth University, now coming to the end of my course and expecting a high 2:1 grade at the end of it. I’m currently based in either Bournemouth or North Devon (depending on whether I’m at University or at home!). There’s not much else to write here at the moment really… except the fact that I’m now looking for employment in the radio industry, so if you’re after somebody, let me know!

What I do

I am a Radio Producer, Presenter, Technician. I do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff to do with radio, including working on a number of different ways of broadcasting audio automatically using existing software. I am quite skilled in Adobe Audition, and other parts of the Adobe CS suite of programmes.

Under Construction

This website is currently being redeveloped, so please bear with me while I sort bits out. Some pages may not work properly or may not have correct content yet.

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